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Ithaca Studios portfolio website for web & graphic design


The Webmaster: Harry Jones IV

Harry Jones IV is a web and graphic designer who started his career as a student and employee of University of Maryland at College Park. From studying computer programming and art studio he began working for the college campus as a web designer for the Department of Resident Life. Improving his skill set in programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and Flash, he developed the Ithaca Studios web site to host his portfolio. After graduating from University of Maryland Harry used his portfolio to advance his career and to support small businesses with his web and graphic skills.

Harry continued to study at the University of Maryland University College to gain certifications in Web Design, Desktop Publishing, Computer Graphics & Design, and Internet Technologies. All his work and studies led Harry Jones IV to becoming webmaster for the Air Force e-Publishing web site, which hosted the official publications and forms for Air Force personnel. While working for the Air Force Department Publishing Office as a contractor, he provided web and desktop publishing support that resulted in logos, brochures, posters, and user interface designs. After leaving and being honored the Air Force Rock as webmaster, he continued on to improve his skills in ColdFusion and web development to build website content management tools and more for his employers. His skills currently has him as an advanced developer behind the Travel.State.Gov website owned by the Department of State.

Relaunching the Ithaca Studios website in 2008, Harry now offers his knowledge to small business practices seeking web and graphic support. His odyssey continues with a goal to reach the position of art director to finalize his career.

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