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Ithaca Studios portfolio website for web & graphic design



Ithaca Studios supports the marketing of your business by providing services in web site development and desktop publishing. Whether your business consists of advertisement, arts & entertainment, communications, education, event planning, non-profit group, professional portfolio, promotions, supplies & goods, or another service specialty, Ithaca Studios will supply it's best web & graphic design techniques to start it or to make it better.

With communication expanding over the Internet, the world wide web has become a strong aspect in marketing and making business transactions. Ithaca Studios can design and develop a web site that will help push your business into the booming technology world. Ithaca Studios will look into your web site requirements and seek the best solutions for your on-line needs.  Using the newly designed content management tools, Ithaca Studios offers customers the option to control content and data to make immediate updates on their own web site.  The customer will be given login access and training to use the tools that have been sculpted for the customer's needs. To maintain such dynamic web site requirements customers are recommended web and domain hosting services with Viux Hosting.

A business starts with an identity. Ithaca Studios can market that identity with tools in graphic design and desktop publishing. Your business will be offered options of logo design, business cards, letterheads, envelope designs, pamplets, brochures, document template designs, flyer designs, magazine ad designs, banner designs, and computer program designs where your business identity can be more visual to your customer and others. All graphics and designs are provided by Ithaca Studios. The use and pricing of stock photography would be discussed further.

Contact Ithaca Studios to see what services can be provided for you and your business. Getting an estimate for service is free. 


Content Management System (CMS)

Maintenance on a web site can be considered timely. Customers sometimes do not have the advantage to program or access their web site without an in-house web developer.  Ithaca Studios offers to build a content management system that will make it easier for the customer to make modifications themselves to their own web site. Depending on the requirements of the web site the CMS will provide tools to edit basic content, upload photos, upload files, track customers, track products and merchandise, support blogs, log news and events, and support calendar schedules. The tools will remain behind an administrative login for the customer to access. Training and instructions will be provided on using the content management tools in the site.  Since the CMS tool is programmed in ColdFusion, it is recommended that customers interested in this tool to visit hosting companies such as Viux Hosting for hosting services providing ColdFusion.  Visit Viux's Shared Cloud Sites to see what they offer for suitable hosting plans.


Photography & Graphics

Ithaca Studios is responsible for all original graphic media produced to support your request.  As for photography, all clients are responsible for photography and purchasing them to support your services and request.  This includes photography that is manipulated into a graphic image or Flash media design.  Photography can be purchased at any of these known websites as Getty Images and I Stock Photography.  For local professional photography in the Maryland, D.C., and Virginia area, Ithaca Studios recommends services from Blue Jade Studios.


Consultation & Training

With the background Ithaca Studios has on web development to graphic design, consultation and training is available via Ithaca Studios.  Services in consultation and training by Ithaca Studios can be conducted with a fee of $25 per hour.